Cheekbone Filling

When examining the faces of women, having prominent cheekbones is considered a beauty criterion. Prominent and protruding cheekbones provide a younger and firmer facial expression. Sunken areas in the cheekbone region can make the face appear sadder and more tired.

We generally intervene in cheekbones for two reasons. The first reason is that facial tissues descend and flatten with age. Alternatively, cheekbones may not have developed genetically.

Methods we apply to enhance cheekbones are as follows:

  1. Temporary fillers: This method is highly preferred for enhancing cheekbones due to its ease of application and practicality. The longevity of the filler used varies between 6-18 months. The application duration is 15 minutes, and one can return to work on the same day.
  2. Permanent fillers: Due to the associated risks, we do not prefer permanent fillers.
  3. Fat injection: This procedure is performed in a hospital setting. Fat is taken from any part of the body, centrifuged, and then injected into the cheek area.
  4. Implant: Implants are preferred for individuals with flattened cheekbones. A specially designed implant in the shape of a cheekbone is placed in the area under general anesthesia.
  5. Mid-face lift and suspension: This method is preferred for deformities caused by aging and facial sagging. As the sagging skin is lifted upward, the cheekbones are also enhanced.