Light Peeling

With the Light Peeling (Enzyme Peeling) application, say goodbye to your spots in just one session.

Enzyme Peeling (Light Peeling)

Enzyme peeling, known as the “Melano Out System,” reduces melanin production in the skin by suppressing the tyrosinase enzyme that converts secreted melanin into a dark color. This effectively treats the pigmented areas of the skin by lightening their color.
Enzyme peeling is an effective method for treating melasma and spots caused by sun exposure, especially in sensitive skin.

Enzyme peeling suppresses the mechanism that triggers the formation of spots on the skin. It does not contain TCA or peeling acids, so the risk of side effects is minimal. It helps you achieve a bright, rejuvenated, and spot-free skin within 1-4 weeks.

How is Enzyme Peeling (Light Peeling) Applied?

The initial treatment of enzyme peeling is always performed by an expert doctor in clinical conditions. After cleansing the skin, the light peeling application begins. The mask applied depending on your skin type should remain on your face for 8-12 hours. After the application, the mask is left on your skin as you go home. At the end of the duration determined by your doctor and communicated to you, the mask is washed off with water. A moisturizing cream provided for two days is used. Then, the use of a special cream for spots should be started.

What Types of Skin Problems Can Be Treated with Light Peeling?

• Age spots on the skin
• Spots caused by excessive pigmentation on the face
• Dark spots on the skin (spots)
• Melasma
• Chloasma
• Acne scars
It is recommended to have a follow-up appointment 2-4 weeks after the initial treatment. Follow-up appointments can be scheduled at intervals recommended by your doctor for 3-6 months. The decision to continue using the spot cream is made during these follow-up appointments.