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Forehead Lift – Brow Lift

There are transverse lines on the forehead with varying depths from person to person. Between the eyebrows, these lines become vertical. Due to structural factors or the effects of aging and gravity, the forehead skin may become loose, forehead lines may become more pronounced, and the position of the eyebrows may shift downwards. Sagging eyebrows give the person a tired, sad, and older facial expression. Eyebrow lift and forehead lift surgeries are relatively easy procedures that do not cause much discomfort to the patient but provide significant improvement and rejuvenation in facial aesthetics.

If there is sagging and drooping at the level of the eyebrows, it should be performed together with a forehead lift surgery. However, if the eyebrow level is normal and only lifting of the eyebrow tip is desired, an eyebrow lift surgery alone would be sufficient. Eyebrow lift surgery can be performed under general anesthesia if combined with a forehead lift, or under local anesthesia if performed alone. The surgery is performed using endoscopic techniques through small incisions made within the hairline, and there is no visible scar after the surgery. The patient can be discharged on the same day or the next day. Any pain that may occur after the surgery does not cause significant discomfort, and the person can return to their daily activities on the same day or the next day. For working individuals, it may take up to a week to return to work.