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Stem Cell Therapy

The tissue regeneration method, also known as the youth vaccine, has become a sought-after treatment in recent years due to its successful results. Cellular therapies are part of tissue engineering. Cells are the fundamental element of tissue engineering and are responsible for the regeneration of damaged tissue. Cellular therapies yield remarkable results in the field of health and are preferred for use.

FibroCell is an autologous fibroblast cellular treatment method obtained from the patient’s own cells that reverses the effects of time. It is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation method.

Autologous fibroblast cell therapy is one of the applications that have gained significant importance in the fields of aesthetic surgery and dermatology. The use of autologous fibroblasts in the treatment of dermal and subcutaneous defects, such as wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, and scars, has opened a new window for aesthetic surgeons.

Advantages of FibroCell:

Permanent and long-lasting effects.
No risk of animal diseases.
Sufficiently elastic.
Does not migrate from the injection site.
Equally effective for everyone.

Duration of Effect:

Autologous fibroblast injection provides a dynamic and living protein repair system where the recovery gradually increases for up to 12 months. This recovery is long-lasting, and according to scientific research, no deterioration is observed even after 4.5 years.
What are the differences from other methods?
Dermal fillers and fibroblast treatment are two different procedures. While fillers provide temporary plumpness, especially for skin wrinkles in the short term, autologous fibroblast injection is an effective method for eliminating skin wrinkles, but it has a longer-lasting effect compared to fillers. Autologous fibroblast cell therapy should not be confused with dermal fillers.

This technique is a reliable and almost 0% hypersensitive (allergic) reaction method that achieves permanent healing of facial defects without requiring surgery.

This method requires a small biopsy taken from behind the patient’s ear using a punch to create an autologous living fibroblast cell line through a special culture method. These numerically multiplied autologous fibroblasts are directly injected into the patient’s dermis, creating a continuous protein repair system. Recent findings demonstrate measurable improvement in skin rejuvenation from 12 to 48 months. Histological analyses in these studies prove that fibroblast injection increases collagen and enhances the thickness and density of dermal collagen. This method does not trigger any allergic reactions.

The production of collagen and elastin decreases along with the loss of vitality in damaged tissue. However, tissue engineering techniques can now prevent this condition. The fibroblast cells transplanted into this area restore the tissue’s previous vitality. The application provides gradual correction for 12-24 months after treatment with a living and dynamic protein repair system. This correction is long-lasting and, according to researchers, lasts for up to 4.5 years without dispersion.