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Under-eye Bruise Treatment

The causes of under-eye dark circles can be symptoms of many systemic diseases as well as structural or genetic reasons. Excessive fatigue, smoking, alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep, and a stressful lifestyle are some of the causes of under-eye dark circles. There are various treatment methods available, such as mesotherapy, PRP, dermaroller treatment, laser treatments, under-eye cosmetic surgery, and under-eye light filling.

Causes of under-eye dark circles:

  1. Thin under-eye skin
  2. Visible network of blood vessels beneath the eyelid skin
  3. Darker coloration of the under-eye skin

Under-eye mesotherapy application: It is a treatment method aimed at reducing under-eye dark circles. It consists of an average of 5-6 sessions and is performed once a week. The procedure takes about 15 minutes. It reduces discoloration of the skin and diminishes fine wrinkles.

Eyecell under-eye care treatment: Eyecell kit is a gradual eye care procedure and one of the most effective methods for under-eye wrinkles. It promotes healing in the eye area with growth factors and peptides, while arbutin visibly improves under-eye dark circles. The effects of Eyecell treatment include reduction of wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes and increased moisture in the eye area.

Under-eye dermaroller treatment: It allows the correct delivery of active ingredients to the eye area using specialized rollers developed for application to the eye tissue. This treatment is carried out with products made from botanical stem cell extracts and bio-peptides. The skin care products applied with dermaroller help eliminate dark circles around the eyes, reduce under-eye bags, and diminish expression lines.

Under-eye filler: There is a special fat tissue in the under-eye area, which is protected by a natural barrier called the septum. Due to genetic reasons and age-related increase, the septum is pushed forward by the fat pad. This creates hollows and depressions under the eyes. Fillers are used to minimize these hollows and depressions. In cases where a solution cannot be found, eyelid surgery is the only method.

Rafaello – Renaissance method: Another alternative method for under-eye dark circle treatment is the Rafaello method. It contains hyaluronic acid, which helps adjust the tone of the skin. It also has antioxidant effects and moisturizes the skin.