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To obtain information regarding any surgical procedure, to undergo an examination or surgery, it is necessary to personally visit our clinic. The expectations related to the operation or procedure and the aesthetic criteria recommended by our team are determined, and a detailed understanding of your operation is provided through question-answer sessions and information sharing before the surgery.

Our consultations are provided by appointment. You can make an appointment by calling the phone number +90 (212) 292 03 33 between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM on weekdays, and between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM on Saturdays. The aesthetic surgery fees for your operation will be communicated to you after the surgical planning. Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide accurate and definitive information about aesthetic surgery fees and other details over phone calls or email. The cost of aesthetic surgery may vary depending on the nature and number of surgeries performed and your choice of hospital.

Surgical operations performed under general anesthesia and requiring hospitalization can be performed at any hospital of your choice among the recommended hospitals within Istanbul. Fully equipped hospitals capable of performing the appropriate technical procedures for the surgery are preferred as the hospital for the operation. The cost of the surgeries may vary depending on the hospital where the surgery is performed, the type of surgery, and the parameters within the surgery itself. After the mutual consultation, when the details of the procedure and its aspects are fully clarified, the cost of the procedure will be finalized and communicated to you.

Important recommendations for our patients coming from abroad for surgery

Once the surgery date is confirmed, you need to determine your travel program. This program should include your arrival date in Istanbul, the date of consultation, the surgery date, and the estimated return date. It is important to inform us at least 10 days in advance so that the surgery organization and hospital reservation are ready when you arrive in Turkey. We recommend that you learn the duration of stay in Turkey for each surgery from the table below and plan your program accordingly. It is advisable to be flexible regarding the return date, considering the possibility of delays in the postoperative recovery.

During the week leading up to the planned surgery date, refrain from using aspirin or any aspirin-based blood-thinning medications, and ensure that the surgery date does not coincide with the menstrual cycle for female patients.

When you arrive to undergo surgery, it would be helpful to have a family member or someone close to you accompany you during the surgery day, postoperative period, and return journey to provide support. It is recommended not to come alone.

In any case, please contact our clinic and provide detailed information about the specifics, and obtain approval for all the details related to your surgery.

Surgery Schedule

SurgeryHospital Stay (Days)Earliest Flight Travel Time after Surgery
Facelift1After the 5th day follow-up
Upper facelift (Endoscopic forehead lift)1After the 5th day follow-up
Cheek lift (Endoscopic midface lift)1After the 5th day follow-up
Neck lift1After the 5th day follow-up
Eyebrow lift0 (Can leave the same day)3rd day
Rhinoplasty1After the 3rd day or 7th day follow-up
Lower eyelid surgery0-1After the 3rd day of follow-up
Upper eyelid surgery0 (Can leave the same day)After the 2nd day of follow-up
Upper and lower eyelid surgery1After the 3rd day of follow-up
Aesthetic breast augmentation (Breast implants)1After the 3rd day of follow-up
Aesthetic breast reduction1-2After the 3rd day of follow-up
Aesthetic breast lift1After the 3rd day of follow-up
Breast lift + Augmentation with implants1After the 3rd day of follow-up
Mini tummy tuck0-1After the 2nd day of follow-up
Full tummy tuck1-2After the 5th day of follow-up
Liposuction0-1After the 3rd-5th day of follow-up
Hair transplantation0 (Can leave the same day)2nd day
Vaginal tightening0-1After the 2nd day of follow-up
Ear correction (Otoplasty)0 (Can leave the same day)2nd day
Gynecomastia0-1After the 2nd day of follow-up
Fat injection0-12nd day
Arm lift1After the 3rd day of follow-up
Thigh lift1After the 3rd day of follow-up