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Chin Aesthetics

The chin is one of the important structures that determine the overall structure of the face. It may lose its aesthetic appearance due to genetic or acquired reasons. Traffic accidents, trauma, and congenital factors can cause deformities in the chin.

Chin aesthetics generally encompass various procedures such as chin extension, enlargement, reduction, and retrusion. These surgeries are performed on either the upper or lower jaw, depending on the situation. The chin should also be in harmony with the forehead, nose, and lips, maintaining angular balance.

Dr. İbrahim Oskui’s methods in Chin Aesthetics:

-Fat injection: Fat harvested from the abdomen or waist area is centrifuged and injected into the chin.
-Filler Injections: Various substances such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and aquiline can be injected into the chin to enhance its volume.
-Cartilage and bone placement
-Chin implant with silicone prosthesis: Custom-made materials are placed in the chin under local or general anesthesia to extend or enlarge it.
-Advancement and repositioning of the chin bones


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