Leg Aesthetics

Non-Surgical Leg Aesthetics
Leg Aesthetics with Liposuction
Thigh or Leg Lift
Leg Thickening with Silicone Implants (Bow Leg Aesthetics)
Leg Shaping with Aquafilling

Leg aesthetics is one of the most commonly performed procedures at our clinic. Procedures such as leg slimming, leg shaping, and leg lift are performed in the operating room.

Individuals come to our clinic for leg slimming, ankle aesthetics, correction of deformities, and cellulite treatment.

Common problems with the legs include excess fat in the hip (outer leg) area, fat accumulation in the upper-inner part of the leg, curvatures in the inner lower leg, excess fat on the inner side of the knee, depressions in the skin, varicose vein issues, and asymmetry between both legs.

The ideal technique for localized excess fat in the hip area, inner leg, and inner side of the knee is liposuction surgery. For leg curvature, there is a surgical method called calf silicone implants, similar to breast implants, which thickens the inner part of the leg. Depressions in the skin and asymmetric appearances can be resolved with filler injections or fat injections.

There are three techniques for treating bow legs, which are deformities in the lower leg area. These techniques include silicone implants, fat injections, and filler injections with aquafilling. Aquafilling injection is a non-surgical technique. After this procedure, the person can comfortably go home without the need for anesthesia.

Liposuction is a reasonable technique for stubborn fat that does not respond to exercise and diet. Excess tissue and sagging in the legs can be due to factors such as rapid weight gain and loss. In such cases, leg lift surgery is preferred.

Another technique that has gained recognition in recent years as an alternative to liposuction is laser lipolysis. Sometimes, in a person undergoing leg lift aesthetics, liposuction may also be necessary. The surgery duration ranges from 2 to 3 hours. The patient typically stays in the hospital for one night after the operation.

Op. Dr. İbrahim OSKUİ